How to build an email list from scratch

So, you know my top reasons why you should be building an email list but I bet the wheels in your head are probably turning on HOW to actually do that. Well, worry not my friend. Here’s my step by step process to get your list growing on autopilot and 100% poppington. LOL.

The easiest way to build an email list is to give the people a reason to subscribe, offer them an incentive! It could be something like a coupon or a giveaway, but my favorite incentive is a FREE piece of content. Something that’s going to solve a problem that your reader has. It could be a worksheet, an ebook, or a checklist. I’ve found that these work the best!

The easiest way to build an email list is to give your readers an incentive for subscribing. Check out @imbryantdevon’s step by step process.

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This is simply a freebie you offer to someone in exchange for their email address. Now, this shouldn’t be something that they can simply find anywhere… you want to make sure that your freebie is value packed because you want to give them something really nice to make opting in irresistible. This could be a coupon, a free coaching, a free training, a cheatsheet or checklist… just make it VALUABLE.

An opt-in page is a page created specifically on your website where someone can fill out a form with their email and be sent your freebie in return. This will add them to your email list, then they can either download your freebie or it’ll trigger an email that sends it to them.

I can’t say automate enough. I’ve talked to many business owners and bloggers over the years who send their freebies out manually to each and every one of their subscribers… only because they don’t know about automation or don’t know how to set it all up. A small piece of my soul cries because it’s so easy! Using a mail platform like ConvertKit or Mailchimp (my favorite), you can trigger emails to be sent to your list based on actions like signing up for your email list or clicking a specific link. Taking the time to learn to automate is super beneficial… that just gave me another blog post idea!

Once you have your freebie created, your opt-in page done, and your automation process synced… it’s time to let people know about your offer! Tell you Instagram followers about it in your story or posts. Pin it on Pinterest. Put it on your homepage. Send it down your friends Facebook feeds. Tweet about it. Send a few morse signals! LOL! Put it anywhere you are online and encourage people to share it. Even on your opt-in page, offer additional incentives if they share it with their friends.

You can even run Facebook Ads to drive traffic. Facebook Ads coupled with amazing offers are amazing and can boost your exposure exponentially, but you want to make sure you’re doing this by targeting the right people and implementing the right Facebook Ad Strategies. The moral of the story is, you have to promote your offer! What’s the point of creating if you’re not sharing?


That’s literally all it is to building an amazing and engaged email list. If you love this content be sure to fill out the form below to get on the mailing list and never ever ever miss an update!

Bryant Tyson