How To Create Content That Your Audience Loves

I’ve been singing the praises of content marketing well before I even decided to go to school for Digital Marketing. That reminds me, I’M OFFICIALLY DONE! Sorry, I’m just excited! Anywho…

Like I said, for years I’ve been telling all of my friends who are taking on the venture of starting a business that they should at the very least start a blog for their business. Not only is it great for organic local search because it builds SEO when done right, but it’s also great for establishing yourself as an expert in your field AND building your influence. Whenever I say that, I get a look of overwhelm and the same question every time.

“How do I come up with what to post? How do I create content that they’ll love?”

How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love | Content Marketing | SEO | Blogging | Bryant Devon Digital Marketing |

It’s super simple, I swear. There’s only three steps… you ready?

Get out of your head and just do it! You’re never going to know what your audience likes if you don’t ever create anything. Set aside 30 minutes and think about the questions that you’re asked the most, maybe ask for questions or topic ideas on your social media, share a bit from your personal life, share some behind the scenes. The options are literally endless. Just start jotting down a list of ideas and BOOM… there it is.

The great thing about this method is that these first ideas can even be broken down into smaller topics. Once you have your list, start writing. That’s literally it.

Once you have your ideas laid out… do the unthinkable and put it out! 😂 Maybe include a short video tutorial in the blog post, maybe ask a question and make it interactive. Always be on the lookout for any feedback that you get. Look at what content is getting the most comments, likes / engagement, and make more of that type of content! You’ve found your bread and butter. Now you know what to create more of in the future.

Once I create the content and test it out, I start the whole shebang all over again. I think of new blog post ideas (or go back to my list of initial ideas), create the content based on how my audience responded and test it out again.

How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love | Content Marketing | SEO | Blogging | Bryant Devon Digital Marketing |

When you go through these steps, it eliminates the guess work involved in figuring out what your audience wants to see. You have the proven results right in front of you. You’ll be producing content that actually serves them and in turn boost your local SEO and establishing yourself as an expert which will lead your audience to know, like and trust you.

Bryant Tyson