Using Instagram DMs to book more clients

One thing that I learned about business is when it comes to the marketing game, you’ve got to be creative AND resourceful — especially when you don’t have the money to invest in marketing… yet!

Now if you’ve read the title… you already know what I’m about to say and you’re probably thinking, “I don’t want to DM people on Instagram and end up looking like one of those spammy hair accounts and lose followers…” but trust me, there’s a way to contact your followers on Instagram about your products or services that won’t come off as such.

Using Instagram DMs To Get More Clients | Bryant Devon Blog | Social Media Marketing Tips | Instagram Marketing |

Since the very first day that Instagram launched the direct message feature — I’ve been using it to grow my client base. I just drafted up a simple DM that introduced me and my services. Each time I got a new follower, I’d copy and paste that message to them. It worked like a charm. It’s been one of the driving forces behind the growth of my business.

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As the feature began to get more popular, spammers began making it hard for people to trust messages coming from business page. So for a while it stopped working for me. If you know me, I’m not the type to give up that easy. I tweaked my messages and I began to get even greater results. What I learned is when it comes to sending direct messages to your followers, I found that there’s two simple rules to follow:

01. Make It Personal
To avoid making your DM look like a spam-bot sent it out, personalize it. Take a few moments and find out your new follower’s name. Also, look at their content and pick post that you love. Address them by name in the DM and mention something about that post. This will make a world of difference when it comes to building trust.

Also, taking a few moments to personalize the message makes it look less like a message that you copied and pasted and that you took time and consideration before contacting them. It works every single time.

02. Offer An Incentive To Take Action
Simply mentioning your service, as amazing as they are, most times isn’t enough to persuade your new follower to take action right now. When I started I thought of an offer that was exclusive for my new followers on Instagram. This offer is unique from anything I’ll offer anywhere else. Mentioning the offer at the end of the DM will capture their attention and more than likely, you’ve converted that new follow into a new client and into money in your account!

Here’s what my new follower message looks like:

“ Hey [enter name],

Thank you so much for the follow! You’re amazing. I love your [enter something about the post] I [enter a personal connection here (optional)]. Anywho, I’m Bryant and I’m a photographer here in Raleigh - if you couldn’t already tell by the feed! 😂 I’m currently offering all of my new followers here on Instagram 20% off their session with me. When you’re ready, simply shoot me a reply! I would love to work with you! Again, thanks for the follow.

To this day, I still see results from sending DMs like this one. It’s definitely worth implementing in your social media marketing plan because it does yield results. Trust! Listen friend, if someone is interested enough to follow you on Instagram, take it a step further and let them know you’re here for them too. Your ideal client is waiting to hear from you.

Using Instagram DMs To Get More Clients | Bryant Devon Blog | Social Media Marketing Tips | Instagram Marketing |

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